Frankincense Sacred


Frankincense Sacred

This particular essential oil is truly unique to any other produced in the world.  It is found within a private orchard that has been held in the same family for thousands of years. These ancient trees produce a symphony of constituents that can only exist in plants of this level of maturity. No other species has been found to be its equal. Generations upon generations have reserved their limited harvest from this orchard exclusively for the use of royalty and highly influential persons throughout the corner of the earth as this highly coveted essential oil has long been believed to play a necessary part in the execution of medical, spiritual and burial practices. In fact, family records lay claim to these orchards being the source of frankincense which was presented to the Christ child, obtained by the three wise men. After nurturing relationships with this family for nearly 20 years, we are now fortunate to be able to offer this particular Frankincense Essential Oil in a very limited supply, as the bulk of their harvest is still reserved for royalty.

With this kind of devoted history and care of the orchard, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to understand that the make-up of this Frankincense Essential Oil is known for its support of the emotional and mental functions of the body as well as the immune system. After all, a plant strong enough to survive some of the harshest conditions in the entire world is likely to carry with it those same molecular traits within its essential oil.

We welcome you to discover the unique experience in the use of this Frankincense Essential Oil and see for yourself what has been worth preserving all these years.

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Holly from Wisconsin

Be Young = Quality Oils that are pure!
I have been a long time use of essential oils and Be Young has by far the highest quality product on the market. Thank you Be Young for your continued promise of quality and purity standards. I used brain gem daily when studying to enhance performance and brain balance!

Posted On Saturday, April 15, 2017
Sandy from Wisconsin

Sacred Frankincense
Amazing anti-cancer benefits with some of the highest levels found in Be Young's Sacred Frankincense. Powerful oil I keep in my medicine cabinet and would not be without.

Posted On Saturday, April 15, 2017


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