Defend - (Peppermint)


Defend - (Peppermint)

The liver is responsible for hundreds of functions throughout the body, as such, it carries a heavy load as it helps us to overcome our exposure to harsh environmental toxins and it takes the brunt of a lot of our poor food and drink choices over time. Even emotional stress taxes the function of the liver and yet it’s one of the most vital organs in our body.

As a result, sometimes the liver could use the benefit of a little help to lighten its load and help it perform more efficiently. For this purpose we’ve formulated this amazing supplement to help increase the oxygenation and boost nutrient absorption throughout the body. Helping the liver to perform at its peak enables it to take a load off of other key organs and when the liver is functioning well, your energy will increase too!

We recommend consuming this daily, because every day the liver could use a helping hand. Consume it at least 2 hours away from any medications so as not to hamper their performance. This formula is not recommended for pregnant women or those with high blood pressure. (See our Defend Spearmint as an alternative.)

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Mind and Mood Nutrition

Elevanti is an all-natural supplement back by science and clinical studies on the efficacy of the ingredients included in Elevanti for mood and mind health

Mind & Body Nutrition

Elevanti is an all-natural supplement back by science and clinical studies on the efficacy of the ingredients included in Elevanti for mood and mind

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Holly from Wisconsin

A must have in everyone's wellness routine!
A quick easy way to detoxify each day. A must have in everyone's wellness routine and a great place to start on your Be Young Journey. It doesn't get any easier!

Posted On Saturday, April 15, 2017
Heather from Wisconsin

Easy to use, convenient- allows you to follow through on a GREAT liver cleanse!
A great way to complete your liver cleanse. Easy to use and convenient. Great tasting! I wake up every morning and take my defend liver cleanse. So easy to use its impossible to come up with excuses on why you can't fit in the time to take it! Contains carrot seed oil further supporting the liver! Make sure to drink lots of water when completing your liver cleanse! An overall home run product!

Posted On Saturday, April 15, 2017
Elma Pinilla  from Boulder,CO

Filter cleaned
Very soft way to clean my liver! I feel more energized:)

Posted On Saturday, April 15, 2017


Lemon Concentrate, Water, Maple Syrup, Lemon essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, and Carrot Seed essential oil.


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